Santas War 8: Return of the Grinch

Santas War 8: Return of the Grinch

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December 7th 2013

Last year, the elite E.Co 506th Parachute Elf Regiment was able to retake NANDAR Post 17, and sort out the Naughty & Nice signals – saving Christmas.

This year, the Grinch has come up with the most dastardly idea ever. Grinchtruppen from 6th Fallschrimgrinch Division will parachute into Santagrad, steal presents and leave bombs disguised as presents behind to devastate the city and raise suspicion of any present, ruining Christmas, and theres a rumour that The Grinch might be jumping in with them to personally sow discord and discontent.

Can Santa and his faithful soldiers stop the Grinches dastardly attempt at revenge? Or will Christmas be ruined…..
Santas War.

Location: Camp R&R
Time: Game Starts at 12/Noon

Camp R&R Waiver
• Grand Army of Santa – Red Armband
• Army of Grinchistan – Yellow Armband
Yes, everyone needs A Yellow or Red arm band that is visible from all directions. If you’re wearing a Ghillie Suit, we’ll have to wrap your arm in such a manner that the Ghillie doesn’t cover the band. If you don’t supply your own armband, we’ll have duct tape on hand to use.
It’s custom that people call what team they’re on. Feel free to do that; we just won’t be recording it and keeping track of whos doing what. Sadly, event organizers have lives too and keeping up with who’s on what team isn’t something we’re in a position to keep track of.

Event Cost:
1 New-In-Box, Unwrapped Toy (You, or people you know, are unemployed this Holiday Season. Lots of other people are in similar situations, and their children are looking at a bleak Christmas Morning. Skip that Big Mac, skip that Latte, and put your money towards helping a kid this year. There is no such thing as bringing too many new in box, unwrapped toys to donate. You never know, you just might be helping one of your friends this year.) Please try to avoid the Dollar Store stuff, its rather a disappointment for everyone when Santa drops that stuff off under the tree.

FPS Restrictions:
Automatic/Semi-Automatic weapons – 400FPS
Bolt Action Rifle – 550FPS
We’ll be using biodegradable BB’s for this event. We’ll be chronoing your rifles with .20g BB’s

Featuring Special Characters:
Santa Claus: – Jon/Android (unless someone else wants to volunteer and work out the costuming details with Jon)
The Grinch: we’re actively seeking a Grinch. Please contact Jesa/OKAC to interview for the position.

Special Rules:
This is a fun and light-hearted game to raise toys for Toys for Tots and Toy and Joy. It is not a hardcore milsim game. Please use extra consideration above and beyond what we’re used to using when playing, and remember to have fun. Don’t fire excessively at any one target. Remember that some Special Character players (Such as Santa or the Grinch General) may be ‘effectively invincible’ for whatever reason. Have Fun, and don’t get all bogged down in the tiny details.
Normally, when we die, we put a brightly coloured rag on our heads. This game isn’t about camouflage, and we’re using brightly coloured rags and arm bands to denote which side you’re on. Instead, if you’re wearing a head-cover, take it off, and hold your rifle over your head while going back to your spawn point. Its inevitable that you’ll still be shot, so use consideration when shooting, and understanding when being shot.

Administrators will be on the field, observing major combat areas. To enhance gameplay, sometimes areas will be declared off-limits. The administrators are not out to get you, they’re there to keep things running smoothly and make sure that everyone is having fun. If you’re having a problem, don’t get mad, find one of us, and we’ll sort it out.

We will be observing the normal 400fps limit for semi-automatic-and fully-automatic guns in outdoor situations, and a 550fps limit for Bolt Action “Sniper” guns. We’ll be using .20gram BB’s at the chrono station. There are no magazine restrictions. Bio Ammo ONLY

Please be prepared for the weather. This is the Pacific North West in December. Odds are, it’ll rain and be cold. Bring a change of socks at the minimum, and we highly encourage everyone to bring a change of clothes. In the event that conditions become unsafe due to poor weather, we’ll call the game early. Otherwise, expect to play from about noon to 3pm

This is an all-ages game – this does not mean, however, that we are there to babysit you. Airsoft is an adult game, and everyone in attendance is expected to act like an Adult. If you are incapable of acting like a mature responsible adult, regardless of age, you will be asked to leave.

K&M Airsoft Rentals
K&M will be out on Saturday with their rental guns. If you have any friends that want to try out airsoft here is an opportunity for them to try out some different guns and see how well they enjoy the game.
1 New-In-Box, Unwrapped Toy (please contact them for for information)

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