Operation: Aging Badly Presented by Blue & Wisenheimer

Operation: Aging Badly

Presented By: Blue & Wisenheimer of Phantom Fury

Sponsored by:

Oregon Airsoft Arena/Cross The Line

What: Mil-Sim-ish Airsoft Game / Dual-Birthday Celebration
When: June/23/2012
Where: Camp R&R
Time: Registration opens 0800 hrs
Cost: $20 (Cash @ the Gate)
Age Limit: 13+ (Operators under the age of 18 must have a copy of both waivers signed by Parent or Legal Guardian, or will not be allowed to participate.)


***Camp R&R Waiver***
***BYZ Waiver***

Camp R&R
61635 NW Agaard Rd
Gales Creek, Oregon 97117

Map to Camp R&R
General Field Map


Renegade O.G.R.Es Blue and Wisenheimer have broken ranks from Phantom Fury and dug themseves into a wooded stronghold deep in the heart of Camp R&R in an effort to conquer it for themselves, renameing it Camp B-YZ.

With their battle cries, “Hyphens, not Ampersands!” and, “Get off My lawn!”, Blue, Wisenheimer and a small contingent of 10 soldiers have armed themselves with Heavy Weapons, Sniper Rifles, Booby Traps, Explosives, and Bravado. In their mutiny from Phantom Fury, they have stolen portions of Phantom Fury’s armory, as well as Secret Weapons from Phantom Fury’s Commander, Chesty_01. Upon hearing of their traitorous act, Commander Chesty_01 simply said, “Capture those douchebags, and bring them to me.”.

At that moment, Multiple Operator Battalion was formed, or M.O.B.

Chesty_01 and Camp R&R have put a bounty on the heads of both Blue and Wisenheimer, and ordered all available Operators to find and capture them.

Your Mission:

Find, Capture and Escort both Blue and Wisenheimer back to Camp R&R HQ.
Locate hidden caches of munitions they have stolen, and use them in the course of your Mission.

BE ADVISED: Some of these caches will be booby trapped. Some may have weapons. Some may have ammunition. Some may have information on other caches.

Some may simply be a ploy to kill you.

Your Reward:

There will be rewards for every step of the mission, culminating in a Secret Weapon being given to the Operators who bring Blue or Wisenheimer to stand before Chesty_01, and eat Birthday cake.

To capture Blue or Wisenheimer

You must first shoot them until they say hit to incapacitate them. Then, you must stand directly in front of them and sing Happy Birthday to You. You may not capture both of them by singing it once, you must sing it to them each individually. If you are hit while you are singing, someone else may start the song over, but Blue or Wisenheimer MUST still be incapacitated. Upon capture, they must remove their magazine from their weapon until they are either A) Escorted successfully to Chesty_01 or B) Rescued by their men.

To be rescued, Team B-YZ must eliminate the MOB escort, causing Blue or YZ to stop and remain until their men arrive. Then, one of Team B-YZ must touch them on the shoulder and say, “Come with me”, at which time they may put their magazine back into their weapon and are back in the game. To continue escorting, MOB must eliminate B-YZ men and sing Happy Birthday to You again.

Cake will be served to all Operators who participate.


Speedloaders full of BBs.
Free Admission to next Phantom Fury hosted Event.
Phantom Fury Tactical One-Point Bungee Sling.
Mystery prizes.

OPTIONAL GAMES (in case the game goes too fast)

a) Team Blue vs Team YZ Sector Control

b) Pistol Duel (single elimination bracket). Winner takes on Blue & YZ. Beat them, and winner will receive the “Whippersnapper Award of Pistol Excellence”.

Camouflage Designation:

Wear whatever camouflage you like. We will be using armbands to designate teams.

Event Timeline:

Saturday, June 23

0700-Gates Open
0800-Registration and Chrono Opens
0930-Registration and Chrono Closes
0935-Game Briefing
0945-Safety Briefing
1000-Players take the field
1020-Game ON
1600-Game Over
1800-Gates Locked

THERE WILL BE NO MANDATORY LUNCH BREAK! Make sure you take food and water onto the field, or keep it in your car and take a break whenever you feel the need. You may also purchase lunch and dinner from the Snack Shack for $5 each.


If anyone is caught disrespecting any sort of water supply in any way, that person will be ejected from the game without a refund.


Sir Stubby has graciously opened his CAMPGROUND to the airsoft community for use. Respect the fact that Camp R&R is a CAMPGROUND with FACILITIES. DO NOT leave your waste in the woods, USE THE RESTROOM!! Any violations of this will be cause for immediate removal from the game with no refund. See the water rule for more info.

RULESET (for a complete ruleset see Camp R&R Safety Rules & FPS Limits)

FPS Limits:

450-DMR (DMR Must NOT be able to fire in Full Auto)
550-Bolt Action Sniper Rifles

**All Replicas will be chronoed with 0.20g bb’s and you will be using our ammo to chrono. Please bring an empty Mag with you to chrono**

The use of HPA Systems in Assault or Support Weapon Roles will NOT be allowed!!

HPA may be used for the sole purposes of launching grenades or rockets, period.


Magazine Restriction:

Unlimited – Any mix of high, mid and low caps.

*The use of Box Mags is limited exclusively to Blue & Wisenheimer’s team, unless being used on a SAW.

If you are caught on the field using a box mag, you will be removed from the game without a refund.

Safety Notice:

Bolt Action Rifles – If you are going to run a Bolt, you MUST carry a sidearm that shoots under 400 fps with you at all times. Your minimum engagement distance is 50 ft. If you are using a bolt action and within 50 feet of your target, you must use your sidearm.


Camp R&R is a *Bio Ammo Only* Field. You do not have to purchase ammo on site, but you MUST use Bio ammo. If you are caught using non-bio ammo, you will be removed from the game without a refund. Random field checks will be performed. This is your only warning.

Grenade / Rocket Rules:

All grenades have a 10′ kill radius. It also must *LOOK AND ACT LIKE A GRENADE*

Flashbangs are considered grenades and also have a 10’ kill radius.

NO tennis balls.

NO foam grenades.

Rockets have a 20′ kill radius and take out vehicles (if applicable).

Spawn and Medics:

3 man re-spawn. Team B-YZ will have 2 Medics with 2 Medic revives before having to go back to spawn, due to the fact that they will only have a 10 man support team.

Blue and YZ will get UNLIMITED Medic revives, with no having to go back to re-spawn. Their Medics cannot self revive.

If Team B-YZ is forced to retreat to their spawn, their medics can then self-revive, 10 second revive.

Booby Traps:

There will be booby traps utilizing a new type of spring powered BB dispersal device. These Booby Traps are directional with a range up to 50 feet, and in pairs can be used as IEDs to destroy vehicles (if applicable).


Death Rags:

Death Rags are required. You must have a red Death Rag to play this game. If you do not have a Death Rag, you may purchase one from the Registration booth, or be asked to leave without a refund. Spend the $2.

Pyro/Smoke allowed:

YES – Depending on Forest Dept. General Restrictions.

Real Steel:

Real Steel firearms of any kind, working or not, including inert grenades, cannot be displayed at any time while at Camp R&R. If you have an Oregon CHL, you must keep your weapon concealed at all times. DO NOT BRING IT ON THE FIELD. Keep your Real Steel locked in your car. If you brandish a Real Steel firearm at any time, you will be asked to leave immediately without refund. This is a zero tolerance policy.


In order to prevent shenaniganism, ALL Team B-YZ members will be Admin. This means if you hack, the person your hacking against can eject you from the game, without refund. We will require no 3rd party corroboration. In addition, there will be Admin embedded in MOB forces. We have a zero tolerance policy on hacking. Bring your A game.

and Post in this thread if you plan on attending…. you know the drill.


The Jerk

Team M.O.B.

Commander – Chesty_01
Bolt 1 – Boogeyman
Bolt 2 – Eddielow
Bolt 3 -
Bolt 4 -
Sir Stubby Eyre
Eddielow’s +2
modbus +1
The Bee Keeper +5


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