Crisis Korea

Well this is an event run by Harper and I. I just happen to have more time to run the forums.

The North Koreans have done it. The threat of a nuclear Korea is now a very real one and must be dealt with accordingly. The United States have taken their chance and after a failed “satellite” launch that flew straight at Hawaii deployed an advanced element to secure the main port in and out of the country and have now been tasked with the herculean task of securing the small fishing village and surrounding area as a FOB for friendly forces, and most importantly of all locating and securing the suspected warhead.

Facebook link:

Saturday: $20
Sunday: $5

When: March 9th and 10th

Where: Camp R&R

Age limit: 13+

Pyro: Yes, commercially purchased smoke grenades.

Gameplay: Force on force, specified objectives.

Grenades: Grenades have a 10 foot kill radius, rockets have a 20 foot kill radius and IED’s have a 30 foot kill radius

Death rags are required


Waiver: … oft-waiver

Field map:



Saturday 3/9/13

0700: Field opens, turn in waivers, chrono
0900: Chrono closes, safety briefing begins
0930: Send off and assemble at starting positions
1000: Gameplay begins
1300: Lunch break
1400: Resume gameplay
1800: End of gameplay for the day, dinner
0000: Quiet time… yea right, like when does that ever happen, Party all night long (we can take this out)

Sunday 3/10/13

0800: 2nd day registration
0900: Safety briefing
0930: Gameplay begins
1530: Gameplay ends
1800: Field gate closes, garbage must be picked up and everyone gone by this time


31st MEU USMC: Your mission is to secure the one and only entrance to modern day korea, a small port in the southeastern part of the country. Your secondary objective is to secure the village and slowly work your way towards the North Korean compound located somewhere in the mountains, secure the warhead and conduct a successful extraction out of the country with the warhead in your possession.

UNIFORM: MARPAT camo patterns and Multicam (even though its not USMC issue)

PRNK: Your mission is to hold as much territory as possible, AT ALL COSTS. Special tasking will present itself as the situation develops.

UNIFORM: M81, Tiger stripe, civvie clothes.

K&M will be out with their rental guns. If you have any friends that want to try out airsoft here is an opportunity for them to try out some different guns and see how well they enjoy the game.
Basic M4 Package $25.00 (M4, 2x HiCaps, 7.5v lipo battery, 2000 bb’s, Mask)
Basic M4 Gun Rental $15.00 (M4, 2x HiCaps, & 7.5v lipo batter)
Pistol Rental $10.00 (WE1911 + 1 Mag)
Cash on Site only.
To reserve prior to game send email to or their website

Roster: does not reflect the 20 so people going (RSVP via Facebook)

31st MEU:

Assault: 12/25
XShockSIN +8 maybe? Conflicting messeges
silent quill-sat only

Grey fox
noisy ninja +3
spartanacus +3

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