Camping, family gatherings, weddings, airsoft and more will work in with what we have available.

Come Picnic or Camp

The meadow is approximately one acre that has Gales Creek running along the east side. There is a 12’-0 x 12’-0 pole building on the south side and a covered serving counter building on the other side of the meadows next to the road.

The serving counter has a sink and concrete counters with a refrigerator and a freezer in the building.

The serving counter also has an awning that swings up to keep the weather off of the food and drinks.

Sink and counter for your food prep needs

There are plug-ins under the counter to be able to plug in coffee warmers or food warmers. There are two charcoal BBQ’s and two propane BBQ’s to facilitate your needs. Next to the serving counter is a 16’-0 x 20’-0 tent that some of the picnic tables can be brought under for those dizzily days. We also have an arbor that can be set up on the west side of the meadow for those people that want to have a wedding. (We have connections with some of the local rental agencies for the rental of formal chairs and tables.)

Our camping facilities are located to the west of the meadows.  We have three sections, with camp ground “A” being the closest to the meadows and the most developed. Camp ground “C” has a fairly large area for larger groups that want to camp together. This camping area is located next to the airsoft field. It works great for groups that want to play airsoft and be pretty close together. There is a large fire pit in this camping area and borders Gales Creek on the south side.

Parking is centrally located next to the meadow; we can park about thirty cars in this area. We have three handicap parking spaces that are next to the entrance of the meadow and the entrance to the rest rooms.  For larger groups we have parking next to the old train barn, it can park a further two hundred cars or so.

The restroom building has three stalls and two showers on each side (Male/Female). There is hot water available in the showers for those that want be a little civilized. We updated the restrooms a few years ago by adding drywall to the walls and ceilings, trimming out the interior with cedar trim and installing FRP on the walls of the showers. We also replaced the roofing with a new metal roof. Now it’s very comfortable and clean inside and out.


We have constructed a stage that is about 10’-0 x 16’-0 so that a band can set up without much difficulty. The stage is set into a secluded area surrounded by trees with enough room to seat between seventy-five and a hundred people. This area is ideal for an intimate wedding or small concert.  Also power is close by for those that want to run amplifiers.

Our sports field is located to the north of the meadow. The sports field is covered with sawdust to make it softer for those that play. It has an area that can be used as a basketball court or a volleyball court. It has a tether ball area and a horseshoe pit. Up the path a little further is an archery range. For those of you that have small children there is a playground area on the south side of the meadow so that you can watch your children and still be close to your family and the entertainment.

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