Airsoft at Camp R & R




We have been interested in Airsoft for a number of years. We have constructed an airsoft course on the west end of the property that is very challenging. The course has bunkers and barricades and will soon have a few buildings for a “village” feel. For the village area we have consulted some ex-military personal to give a more real world feel to the game play. The field covers about 25 acres of forest and is fairly flat with Gales Creek bordering the south side, the Tillamook State Forest on the west side and Stimson Timber on the north side. On the east end it borders the camping areas and the sports field. The Tillamook State Forest and the Stimson Timber rise up in a fairly steep hill.

In PlayThe field is open to group events of any size, but at least a 24 hour advice arrangements must be made to make sure it is available.  We are open to operations and skirmishes, as well as, your local friendly fire fight between friends.


Bio Field



Due to environmental concerns Camp R&R is a biodegradable ammo field only. We have a supplier of biodegradable ammo on site and available to our players. On entry to our field we require that you show your ammo and we will stamp them as being approved for use on our field, any ammo that does not qualify will be held until after the skirmish when they can be retrieved from the owner of the field.


Chrono before fire StartsVelocity Limits

We run the current standards for velocity limits, speeds are detailed in our rules and regulations page. To enforce these limits, we require you to fire your gun through a chronograph before you are allowed to play. (A Chronograph measures ammo Muzzle Velocity). We now have a Chronograph on site.


Refueling at CAG TrainingSnack Shack

Refuel the body as you reload the gun. You can find an array of snacks and drinks for sale at the Snack Shack.






If you have any questions please email us at If you are interested in scheduling a group airsoft or paintball games, please call The Eyre’s (sirstubbyeyre) at 503-357-1600 or

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